Supply Chain Survey

2016 Oil & Gas Industry Supply Chain Relationship Survey

2016 Oil & Gas Industry Supply Chain Relationships Survey

Dear colleagues in the Oil & Gas Industry

Supply Chain Management as a business driver has evolved significantly over recent decades, with many industries reaping the rewards of effective Supply Chain Management. However, a number of people believe that the Oil & Gas Industry has been slow in adapting to new ways of working from a Supply Chain Management perspective and as such, we are still struggling to react quick enough to the current crisis facing the industry in the UK.

We are again issuing our Supply Chain Relationships Survey to see if attitudes and behaviours have changed for the better, got worse, or remained the same. In 2015, we issued a questionnaire that was originally used in 2002 to examine the relationships and behaviours between Operators, Service Companies and the lower tiers of the Supply Chain during the time of $14 – £20 per barrel oil. The comparisons between now and then were shared with both industry and academic organisations and highlighted a number of areas where the industry as a whole has made some progress on the way customers and suppliers engage across the industry, but more can still be done to stimulate Supply Chain activity and maintain cost efficiency and value creation without the need for focusing purely on price over value.

The questions may appear basic but we are keen to ask the same questions to ensure an accurate comparison. The outcomes, findings and comparisons of this questionnaire will again be made public and available for industry and academic use.

It is not our intention to make any direct financial gain from this exercise. The details of the 2015 survey findings can be found on the front page of our website

Please feel free to access the questionnaire and let us have your views and please pass it on to others who may be able and willing to contribute. Ideally, we would like to see responses by a number of people within organisations across the industry to capture the variety of viewpoints, so please share with colleagues too. We would welcome the views of a variety of disciplines including contracts, buying, business development, selling, finance, operational and technical disciplines.


Many thanks in advance for you time and input.

Kind regards Steve Johnson I’m ready – show me the questions!