Supply Chain Management

People Development

Finding the right people to manage your supply chain is crucial. From defining roles to recruitment to personal development, we ensure you have the people you need.

Aligned to the organisation’s over arching objectives and processes, Simply Joined will meet with the various stakeholders within the organisation and build a profile of the expectations and goals of the PSCM function based on its own interpretation, plus those of their internal clients. Where practicable and desired by the organisation, we can also incorporate the expectations and goals of a sample form their clients and/or suppliers.
It has been quoted on many occasions by academics and business leaders, that people are a company’s greatest asset. As an organisation evolves, the demand on the Procurement & Supply Chain Management function can change. At Simply Joined we can assist companies to carry out reviews of existing or future job descriptions and people specifications to assist with developing existing people within the organisation or bringing in new talent to meet the changing needs and shape of the organisation as it evolves.
Personal development programmes can be developed for either new people entering the organisation or existing people looking to further their knowledge and skills. In most cases there will be a mix of people across the PSCM function from long term employees to new starts. Simply Joined can develop individual or group programmes to meet the needs of the individual, the group and the organisation.