Supply Chain Management

Health Check

We review your current supply chain from people and practices to policies, processes and systems, then feedback with recommendations on potential areas for improvement.

An organisation’s internal and external supply chains provide an ideal place to start to identify and implement cost efficiency and value creation opportunities, creating improved market competitiveness and maximising internal and external resources.

The Simply Joined Supply Chain Management Health-Check will look at the organisation’s Supply Chain Management arrangements in line with an agreed scope and engage with the organisation to build up a picture of its current perceived ‘Health’

The outcome of the Health-Check is a detailed report in line with the agreed scope including recommendations on potential improvement opportunities. The health-check will normally be carried out over a period of 5 - 10 days, but may vary depending on the size of the organisation and its geographical location(s).

For further information, please contact us at for a quote for us to carry out your Simply Joined Supply Chain Management Health-Check
The arrival of the UK Bribery Act 2010, which came into force in 2011, saw organisations being required by law to have processes and practices in place to prevent the opportunity for Bribery, Corruption and Fraud. With organisation leaders being held personally liable under the law as well as the organisation itself, regardless of whether or not the individual charge is proven, it is essential for organisations of all sizes to be able to show that they have robust anti-bribery, corruption and fraud policies and processes. Simply Joined can advise on the relatively simple steps that can be taken to increase compliance to the act, following a review of the policies and processes currently in place.
For many organisations, there is a desire to have a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that co-ordinates and controls all the various interfaces between different parts of the organisation into one single system. However, many organisations must make do in the interim with a hybrid mix of different Finance, Engineering, HR, Procurement, Contract Management, Health Safety and Environment and other bespoke ‘legacy’ systems or databases. At Simply Joined we believe that we can help organisations to map out the processes that link all of the different parts of the organisation and ‘simply join’ them. This in turn will give the organisation the opportunity to either engage with an ERP system provider with a detailed scope of requirements, or work across the organisation to better co-ordinate their current systems and databases to work more effectively with each other, until they are in a more comfortable position to invest in any time consuming and potentially expensive system changes or upgrades.