Supply Chain Management

Training & Consultancy

We can assist or manage the development & implementation of supply chain management within your organisation, giving you the necessary tools to manage all aspects of supply chain management.

There is a wide range of Procurement & Supply Chain Management tools and techniques and our aim is to provide training and support using the tools and techniques available that best suit the organisation’s needs. In the same way that a toolbox can hold a variety of tools, it is important to use the correct tool for the job in hand. It is also important that certain tools are used in the correct way so as to avoid an increase in risk and possibly creating additional problems on top of the original problem that the tool was intended to fix, often with good intention but dangerous nonetheless.
People are a key resource and a finite one. To get the most out of your people it is important that they have a good understanding of the job they need to do, but for many it is important that as well as feeling valued by their employer, they feel that they are growing and developing personally and professionally. At Simply Joined we can help to design and deliver People Development programmes that will meet the needs of both the organisation and the people who contribute to its success.
Mentoring can be used to offer support and assistance as part of a personal development programme for an individual or a team looking to develop their PSCM skills and knowledge at both a strategic and operational level. It can also be used at a senior level within an organisation to give strategic or operational guidance to the Senior Management Team where PSCM experience may be in short supply.
Simply Joined is a Direct Associate of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS). Part of our role as a Direct Associate is to work with CIPS to develop and deliver structured training programmes such as the Syndicated Corporate Award Programme. The SCAP was originally designed to allow smaller companies in the Oil & Gas industry in Aberdeen to work together as a syndicate to offer a formal training programme for up to sixteen people, leading to full CIPS Member Status, in the same way that larger organisations can train up to sixteen of their own people at a time. We also design and deliver other workshops and seminars that carry Continued Personal Development (CPD) points. In addition to the CIPS related work, we are also able to offer bespoke ‘in house’ workshops or seminars to meet a specific demand within an organisation.
Many organisations, specifically smaller businesses, may not have the full time requirement for a PSCM Specialist, Senior Manager or Director. Simply Joined can offer on-line and telephone support for organisations who do not have the capacity or resource to justify a full time Supply Chain Director or Manager. This service allows them to have access to PSCM expertise at the fraction of the cost of a dedicated full time specialist. Where the organisation has a specific need for a short to medium term role, Simply Joined can offer interim management services.
From the initial specification, through to the Pre and Post award stages of a contract, we can offer support or guidance to organisations wishing to develop a contract management strategy for the organisation or with a single, high value or complex contract. This support can be delivered in the form of workshops or seminars covering the fundamentals of contract management, or with a dedicated resource to either offer guidance on a retained basis or have contracts expertise working in house for the duration of the contract or at key stages.
There are many challenges that face an organisation during the M&A process. One of these challenges is the integration of PSCM people, processes and systems with minimal disruption to normal operations. Simply Joined can assist by carrying out a full processes mapping and systems analysis to aid the organisation in maximising efficiencies and minimising disruption. We can also assist in the development of the transition plan which will consider any changes required as part of the M&A process which results in changes to existing job roles and titles, system functionality or process and approval arrangements.
Increasingly, clients and other interested parties are interested in knowing that organisations have robust Procurement & Supply Chain Management processes and procedures. To minimise the chances of a non compliance from an external auditor, Simply Joined can carry out an internal PSCM compliance audit and highlight potential issues.
In today’s busy, resource constrained environment, many organisations do not have the resources to carry out audits on suppliers. Simply Joined can work with the organisation as an extra resource to carry out supplier capability and performance audits.
If the organisation has any Inventory or Assets, it is easy sometimes for the management of these particular areas to drift into anything from some minor fine tuning being required, to a total loss of information and control. This can result in financial loss or operational risk if the organisation loses track of the Assets and Inventory it has, where they are and how they recorded, monitored, organised, maintained and controlled. Simply Joined can offer a range of services. From full strategic and operational Inventory and Asset maintenance and management advice and support, down to some basic guidance on the fundamentals of Inventory and Asset management planning.
Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is as important as Client Relationship Management (CRM), with many of the fundamentals being very similar. Simply Joined can assist the organisation to categorise its suppliers and clients, based initially on a spend and risk profile, followed by the creation and implementation of a structured plan to engage with key suppliers and clients to maximise performance, cost and risk mitigation management.