Supply Chain Management for Sellers


Supply Chain Management for Sellers

One day workshop delivered locally or regionally. Ideal group size is between 12 and 18 delegates to maximise effectiveness of case study scenarios

Why this workshop?

By the end of this workshop, delegates will have a broad understanding of the key concepts of effective Supply Chain Management from a Customer perspective, along with some tools and techniques that can be utilised to implement opportunities to bring value creation and cost efficiencies to customers.

The workshop has a strong emphasis on the collaborative and co-operative approach to implementing opportunities and benefits for customers

A mix of presentation and case study exercises, this workshop introduces some of the key concepts of effective Supply Chain Management which will assist sellers in their approach to securing business with existing and potential customers

What is covered?

  • Definition of Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Benefits of SCM Best Practice
  • Internal and External Supply Chains
  • Examples of the SCM Tools & Techniques that customers use
  • Risk Management – Putting the customer at ease
  • Inventory and Asset Management – Selling the benefits
  • Implementing Value Creation & Cost Efficiencies
  • Supplier and Client Relationships – Positioning yourself to win
  • Supply Chain Strategies & Behaviours – Helping customers select the best way forward
  • Tendering and Contract Management – The key areas of concern when selling solutions
  • Negotiation & Implementation – Securing the business

Who is this for ?

The workshop is suitable for anyone within a business or organisation involved in Business Development, Sales, or the management of Customer relationships. It is relevant Service Companies, SMEs and all other sectors and tiers of the supply chain.

Who will deliver the workshop?

The workshop has been designed and will be delivered by qualified Supply Chain practitioners, with operational experience in all aspects of the workshop content.


  • Standard rate                               £295 per person
  • Small Business rate                    £245 per person (1 – 50 people, including contract staff)
  • Student Rate                                £195 per person  (full time or self-funded study)

If you are looking for an insight into the minds of your customers, with a view of maximising your selling potential, this workshop is the ideal way to start.

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